How to activate your PC's external video output via the

"Monitor Key Method"

Most laptops have a "Monitor key" that quickly enables your PC's secondary video output. Look for the blue function key (fn) on the lower-left of your keyboard (see picture below) and the blue "Monitor key" on the top row of keys that controls the monitor (it looks like a little picture of a monitor and is usually combined with one of the function keys). Hold down the (fn) key and tap the monitor key at the same time. Wait a few seconds to see if the image appears on your TV. If not, hold down the (fn) key again and depress the Monitor key, this time twice. Each time you depress the Monitor key you may get a different result such as PC only, PC and TV, TV only, etc. You will have to experiment to see how many key presses works for you. The Monitor key allows you to easily scroll through the various output options. Some Toshiba laptops display icons on the screen to show which output mode is selected.


Using your "monitor function" is an easy way to switch your graphics mode

Hewlett Packard Pavillion Monitor Key

Toshiba Satellite Monitor Key

The Fn key is on the lower left of your keyboard
HP Pavillion Monitor Key
Toshiba Satellite Monitor Key
The Monitor Key is the "f" key with a little picture of a monitor on it

Here are common (fn) + Monitor key combinations for different manufacturers:

All PCs with Windows 7

WIN (Windows Logo Key) + P


Fn + F3


Fn + F8


Fn + F5


Fn + F3

Hewlett Packard

Fn + F4, Fn + F5


Fn + F7, Fn +F8, Fn + F1, Fn + F3


Fn + F3


Fn + F2


Fn + F4, Fn + F5, Fn + F6


Fn + F5


Fn + F7


Fn + F5, Fn + F7



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