How to set up your VGA to COMPONENT PC to TV Converter

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NOTE: The contents of your converter box includes two cables that are not required (VGA to VGA cable; and 3.5mm audio to 3.5 mm audio cable.)

1. Place the converter near your TV. We recommend locating it behind your TV, where you can leave it when not in use.

2. Plug the power supply (included) into an outlet and connect it to the converter.    You should see a GREEN light on the converter (below the "LED" label) indicating that the power supply is working. You may have to press the ON/OFF switch.

3. Connect the converter to your TV with the set of RED, GREEN, BLUE (video) cables and the set of RED and WHITE (audio) cables. Note that the RED, GREEN and BLUE jacks on your TV may be labeled Y, Pb, Pr. In this case, GREEN=Y, BLUE=Pb and RED=Pr.

4. Connect the 15' or 25' VGA with Audio cable (included) between your PC and the converter. The VGA plug goes to the "VGA-IN" jack on the converter. The 3.5 mm audio cable goes to the "Audio Input" on the converter. The 3.5mm audio cable goes to the Headphone jack on your PC.

5. After connecting the cables as shown in the diagram, select COMPONENT as the input source on your TV. If you have multiple COMPONENT jacks select the input source that you are connected to (COMPONENT1, COMPONENT2, etc.). Some TVs will only allow you to select an input source that is detected.

6. Activate the VGA output on your PC. You will have to do this each time you turn on your PC. Click here to learn how to activate your PC's VGA output.

7. If you don't see an image on your TV, you may have to adjust your PC's video output to match one of the converters supported resolutions. You will do this from your Control Panel (START>>Control Panel). These are the supported resolutions (60 Hz refresh rate): 1280x1024, 1280x800, 1024x768, 800x600,640x480

1280x800 → 720P; 1080i (720P is better)
1024x768 → 720P; 1080i (720P is better)
800x600 → 720P
640x480 → 480p

8. The "Mode" button on the converter allows selection on the following modes: Normal, Vivid, Soft, Sharp.

If you require additional assistance, email us at  Please allow 24 hours for a reply.

NOTE: If you activate your PC's VGA output before the converter is plugged in and turned on, your PC's image may not fit on your TV. This is because the converter communicates with your PC (via DDC) to automatically adjust the resolution. If your PC's image does not fit on your TV, simply use the Right-Click Method or Monitor Key Method to turn your PC's VGA output off and then on again.

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