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How to Activate/Deactivate your PC's External Video Output (VGA, S-Video)

While your PC always has a primary display enabled when you start your computer, your secondary PC output jacks (VGA, S-Video) are not usually enabled. So each time you restart your PC, you will have to enable your secondary output jack if you wish to connect your PC to your TV. It's easy once you figure out how to do it.

There are many different computer manufacturers, television manufacturers, operating systems and graphics controllers. These instructions are general in nature and may vary based on your equipment brand and/or model. Please refer to your computer and/or TV documentation as required.

NOTE: If you have a tube television, your output device will be "Television." If you have an HDTV, your output device will be "Monitor."

There are several ways to activate/deactivate your PC's external video output:

1. Right-Click Method (our preferred method)

2. Monitor Key Method

3. Via your Control Panel (Start >> Control Panel; then look for Graphics Properties)

4. Other ways that might work depending on your specific computer and operating system:


From the Graphics Properties dialog box you can save various "schemes" for easy access from the monitor icon.  For example, once you figure out the best settings for a Notebook + Monitor (HDTV) combination, you can name and save this configuration.  If your computer supports a higher resolution than your PC and HDTV combination, you can save a "Notebook Only" scheme to quickly reset your computer's resolution after you disconnect your HDTV.

How to access your Graphics Properties:

After you activate your PC's external video, you may wish to make adjustments to your Graphics Properties.  Follow these steps:

Windows XP

Hold down <CONTROL> and <ALT> at the same time, then press <F12>. This may open your Graphics Properties dialog box.

Or you access your Graphics Properties like this:

Your Graphics Properties dialog box is now open. On the left side you will see tabs labeled Display Devices, Display Settings, Color Correction and Hot Keys. The Display Devices tab should be selected.

Windows Vista or Windows 7

Or you can access your graphics properties like this: