Connect your PC to your TV with our specialty PC to TV HDMI Cables

HDMI IntraMix ADR Certified PC to TV Cables

High-Definition Multimedia Interface

Our specialty HDMI IntraMix ADR Certified PC to TV cables allow you to connect your PC's HDMI output jack to your HDTV's HDMI input jack. This cable transmits uncompressed, fully digital video and audio between your PC and HDTV and supports the highest quality HD video and stereo audio.

Premium HDMI IntraMix AAR Cables

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HDMI IntraMix ADR Certified PC to TV cable - Item # H15BGM and H25BGM

Price   $ 14.95    15' length 

Price   $ 19.95    25' length.

We also offer an HDMI Extender/Repeater to allow you to create even longer cable runs.

Our premium quality HDMI IntraMix ADR certified PC to TV cables features COPARTNER brand UL certified cable bodies, triple-shielding and gold-plated connectors. Copartner is one of the largest and most well respected producers of raw cabling in the industry. This cable carries both your audio and video signal. We guarantee compatibility with all PC/laptop and HDTV combinations. Don't be fooled by cheap cables - transmitting high-resolution video requires a quality cable with high data transfer capability and low attenuation. Our cable is guaranteed to deliver excellent picture quality free of blurring, shadowing, ghosting and other undesirable effects. We offer this cable in 15' and 25' lengths. This allows you to place your laptop on your coffee table and connect to your HDTV while ensuring a very good signal and picture quality.


Length                           15'         25'
UL Spec                      20276 low-voltage computer cable
HDMI Certified               Yes        Yes
HDMI Version                1.4        1.4
Supported resolution     1080p     1080p
Ferrite cores                  Yes        No
Conductors-AWG            28         26
Conductor plating            Tin        Tin
Cable diameter-mm         7.3         8
Shielding                       Triple    Triple

  • Ferrite cores reduce electrical noise and interference with electronic devices
  • Supports high-resolution imaging and fast refresh rates
  • Visit the HDMI website for more information about the HDMI specification

Price   $ 14.95    15' length

Price   $ 19.95    25' length

Prior to ordering, please verify that your PC has an HDMI output and your HDTV has an HDMI input.


HDMI Extender/Repeater


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Our HDMI Extender/Repeater allows you to splice two HDMI cables together to create a longer cable run. This device makes use of the electrical power carried in the HDMI cable itself to amplify the signal and extend the distance it can be carried without degradation.

Simply plug the source cable (from the PC) into the "source" side of the device and the cable running to the HDTV into the "sink" side.  If you have two cables of different lengths, run the longer cable from the PC to the extender/repeater. Then the extender/repeater can compensate for errors that develop as the signal travels along the longer cable length.


  • Allows extensions up to 100 ft.
  • Uses power on HDMI bus to enhance and repeat signal
  • Supports up to 1080p resolution

Item # HEXTM
HDMI Extender/Repeater

Price   $ 17.95