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Kylo. A really cool web browser for your TV.

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Kylo.  A web browser for your TV.

Kylo. A web browser for your TV.

I recently stumbled upon Kylo, a new web browser for your TV.  It is built on the Mozilla platform (the same open-source software used by the Firefox browser) by the folks over at Hillcrest Labs.   I haven’t spent a whole lot of time working with the software, but from my limited experience I’ve decided to recommend it as’s preferred web browser for your TV.

Hillcrest Labs, incidentally, also created and markets the Loop Pointer, a remote control designed to browse the web via your PC connected to your TV.  So it’s no surprise that Hillcrest Labs created Kylo to accompany their Loop Pointer.

Unlike Boxee, Kylo appears very stable.  It never crashed on me nor did I stumble upon any broken links.  It is a clean, simple interface to navigate the web on your TV with content organized by TV, Movies, Music, News, Sports, Games, Original and Social.

Since it’s designed to be used on your TV (from across the living room), Kylo features big fonts and buttons. Installation was quick and painless and learning how to navigate Kylo was intuitive.  In no time you’ll be watching TV shows or movies or (my favorite) watching a Willie Nelson music video on Vevo.

Kylo also has an on-screen keyboard since there will be times that you have to do some typing (such as logging into your Netflix or Pandora Internet Radio account).   Check it out.  I think you’re gonna like it: