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New & Improved: Our VGA to HDMI Converter with “Scaler”

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

VGA to HDMI Converter with Scaler

VGA to HDMI Converter with Scaler

There are apparently lots of HDTVs out there without VGA jacks.  I know this because we’ve sold a lot of VGA to HDMI converters.  Our first offering in this department worked well, however we had a fair amount of returns because the resolution available from the PC had to match what the HDTV would accept.  And some HDTVs are pretty picky about what they will accept.

Our 2nd generation VGA to HDMI converter, now available at, now includes a “scaler function.”  This unit will take most common PC output resolutions and automatically scale the image to a fixed 720p output.  This should be compatible with almost all HDTVs.  The new unit costs a little more but is guaranteed to work.

When I first received and tested a sample, I found that the image was shifted on my HDTV.  This was easily corrected by turning off my PC’s VGA output (using the Monitor Key Method), and then turning it back on again.  It turns out that the converter must be connected and turned on FIRST, prior to enabling the PC’s VGA output.  This is because the converter will automatically communicate with the PC when you enable your VGA output via DDC and detect the resolution.  The converter will then scale the image correctly.

As always, we sell all of our video converters as complete kits.  So when you receive your product you will have everything you need to connect your PC to your TV.

Bought an HDTV without a “PC Input?” Check out our new VGA to HDMI Converter

Friday, August 7th, 2009

VGA to HDMI PC to TV Converter

VGA to HDMI PC to TV Converter

Most, but not all new HDTVs are equipped with a “PC Input” which is the same as a standard PC VGA monitor connection.  If you have a VGA connection on your TV you can simply use our VGA with Stereo Audio cable and bring the Internet to your television.  However not everyone is so lucky.

If your HDTV does not have a “PC Input,” all is not lost.  Perhaps you have a new PC with an HDMI output.  If so,  you can use our HDMI PC to TV cable.  Now the good news - we now carry an affordable VGA to HDMI Converter which will allow you to connect any PC to any HDTV.  We package this new converter with everything you need - including a 3′ HDMI to HDMI cable (connnects the converter to your HDTV) and either our 15′ or 25′ VGA with Stereo Audio cable (connects your PC to the converter).

Our VGA with Stereo Audio cable carries both high-definition video and stereo audio to the converter which converts the signals to digital format.  The result is high-definition video and stereo audio on your HDTV.

We are now sourcing our converter products directly from the manufacturer which means that we can offer you a very competitive price.  If you are shopping around for a PC to TV converter keep in mind that only sells converters packaged together with our custom video-and-audio-in-one cables.   When you receive your converter you will have everything you need to bring the Internet to your television.