Boxee (Alpha) For Windows Launches!

boxee for windows (alpha)

boxee for windows (alpha)

Boxee (Alpha) for Windows is now available to the public.  What, you ask, is Boxee? And why all the fuss?

We all know that the Internet is coming to the television (if you aren’t already connected, please, head over to Boxee is a free software application that runs on your PC and makes it easy to find and watch both personal media and Internet content.  In their own words:

Boxee “lets you navigate all your personal movies, TV shows, music and photos, as well as streaming content from websites like MLB, Netflix, Pandora,, and Flickr”

It’s more or less a guide for quickly and easily finding stuff to watch.  Just as importantly, Boxee integrates social networking  which “allows users to share information about what they’re listening to or watching with other Boxee users or friends on social networks like twitter, facebook, etc.”

So say you find and watch a great flick on Boxee.  Then you can easily comment on it and make it easy for your friends to find and watch.  Your friends can also send you recommendations.

Why all the fuss?  Boxee is designed to be seen on your TV.  Most websites are designed to be seen up close - since you sit a few feet away from your PC.  But when you connect your PC to your TV you are no longer a few feet away.  You are probably 10 to 20 feet away.  Boxee was designed to be seen - and used - from across the room.  Many PCs now come with remote controls - so you can easily “channel flip” on Boxee from across the room.  This has big media nervous.  They don’t mind you watching Hulu or lots of other content on your PC.  But now that you will start watching on your TV, you will be competing with their cashcow - cable and satellite television.

So head on over to Boxee and get started!


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