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Our S-Video with Audio to RCA Composite Cables Have Arrived!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I am glad to announce the arrival of our first order of S-Video with Audio cables.  These cables will allow customers to connect PCs with S-Video outputs to televisions that have the very common RCA Composite (yellow, red and white) input jacks.  The yellow jack carries the video signal and the red and white jacks are for the stereo audio signal (right and left channel, respectively).  The s-video cable supports standard-definition video and stereo audio.  Check your PC for an s-video output prior to ordering - not all PCs have s-video outputs.

This new addition rounds out our product line and will allow more folks than ever to connect their PCs to their TVs.  We are offering our s-video cable in a 15′ length at this time however we do have a 25′ cable on hand for testing.  If test results are satisfactory we may decide to offer the longer cables later this year.

Our Newest Addition

Our Newest Addition